Every Can Counts Benelux

Every Can Counts is working to encourage people to recycle the beverage cans they use when they are away from home - for example at work or whilst 'on the go'.

Our eye-catching brand is proving popular with consumers, employers, event organisers and brands across Europe.

Every Can Counts was originally developed in the United Kingdom to target the approximately 30% of drinks cans used outside the home.

Launched in 2009 the original focus was on the cans used in workplaces - offices, canteens and universities - providing practical support and advice to enable emplyers to start, or reinvigorate, a recycling scheme. In 2010 Every Can Counts expanded its focus to drinks cans used by people on the go, in particular at music festivals and tourist locations. 

In the same year the model developed in the United Kingdom and was replicated in France (Chaque Canette Compte) and Austria (Jede Dose Zaehlt).

Every Can Counts has successfully established itself as the umbrella brand for promoting drinks can recycling outside the home, with programmes now also running in Hungary, Romania, Ireland, Scotland, Montenegro, Greece, Spain and more recently introduced in Serbia, Belgium and Poland. In total the programme is now active in 12 European countries.

Website: www.everycancounts.eu


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Eindelijk statiegeld op blikjes. Maar nu wel doorpakken!

Eindelijk statiegeld op blikjes. Maar nu wel doorpakken!

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Aluminium blikjes volledig circulair dankzij statiegeld 

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